Hardware Installation

  CCS can install and configure most consumer level computer hardware. Below is a price guide for services related to the most common hardware installs and configurations.

Random Access Memory (RAM) Installation

Random Access Memory (RAM) is used to store active information. Active information is information currently loaded for usage like any open documents, this very webpage, and even the data that makes up an actively running program/application. When a computer lacks sufficient RAM it will cause a computer to respond slower than it could. Over time, as a computer is used it will undoubtedly gain more active programs/applications. This results in more RAM being used. Compound this with the fact that budget computers are sold with minimum spec RAM and a computer slows to a crawl. It is often thought that computers just grow old and slow down. This is not the case, generally all a computer needs to pick up the pace is more RAM.

Properly installed RAM is critical to the stability of a computer. Incorrectly installing memory will lead to system crashes and data corruption. CCS will install and then verify the RAM for integrity. This verification process includes all system RAM in the computer whether newly installed or present before the installation to ensure proper computer functionality.

Price: $19.99

Add-in Card: Video, Audio, Network, USB, Wifi, RAID, Etc Installation

CCS can properly install any add-in card that is compatible. The installation includes physically opening the computer case and properly seating the card; then downloading and installing the latest drivers.

Price: $19.99

Additional Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Installation

CCS can install as many additional HDDs as a computer will handle. Each additional HDD will add storage for data.

Price: $24.99

Power Supply Unit (PSU) Installation

Two of the most common hardware items to fail in a computer are 1.the hard drive and 2.the power supply. Computers vary in their power and mounting-standard requirements; therefore, the power supply unit price will vary, but the installation service fee will always be the same.

CCS will install the proper PSU and verify it's operation.

Price: $29.99

System Hard Disc Drive (HDD) Upgrade

If simply adding additional data storage is desired please refer to the CCS Additional HDD Installation Service. When a user prefers to upgrade the main system HDD of their computer instead of simply adding an additional HDD more involved steps must be performed.

CCS will remove the original HDD, connect it to a custom data management server, and then replicate and expand the original system partition onto the new HDD.

Price: $59.99

* Note: This process can break the recovery partition utilities that come with many modern computers and cannot always be reliably performed. CCS will inform customers beforehand.

Motherboard and/or Central Processing Unit (CPU) Installation

CCS offers one service for several needs.

Installation of a motherboard is required when:
  • a motherboard fails
  • there is need to upgrade the motherboard.
  • part of an entire system upgrade.

Installation of a CPU is generally only performed as part of an upgrade.

In any case, CCS will reinstall the CPU using one of the best thermal compounds available, and a system stability test will be performed to ensure the system leaves CCS in proper working condition.

Price: $49.99