Software Installation

  CCS offers a complete set of services for installing, configuring, and updating software.

Program/Application Installation

  CCS technicians will use the installation media (CD/DVD/Internet Download) purchased from CCS or provided by the customer to install a program/application.   Program/application files will be installed into the proper folders.  If available, the program/application will be updated to its latest version.

Price: $19.99

In-place Windows Operating System Upgrade

If you're running an older version of Microsoft Windows but wish to upgrade to another version of Microsoft Windows, no problem! Our CCS technicians will review your computer to see if it meets the necessary requirements, and notify you if your system is compatible. If compatible, your system will be upgraded to the operating system of your choice.   An in-place upgrade allows users to retain most or all of their Windows and Program settings, their background, and desktop workspace layout.

This service is not used to speed up a computer or destroy malware.

Click here to view a chart of supported operating system upgrade paths.

Price: $89.99

Windows Operating System Re/Installation (Including up to 10 Gigabyte Data Files Backup)

  CCS technicians will erase the entire system hard drive, and reinstall the operating system that shipped with your PC. This is known as a clean installation. This service is performed to ensure that any malicious software (viruses, spyware, adware) has been destroyed, all potentially incorrect settings are defaulted, and corrupt software files are removed and replaced. Additionally, CCS technicians will make a backup of your personal data files including: pictures, documents, music*, videos*, and any other data files you request.

Unfortunately programs/applications cannot be saved or transferred with this process.   If any programs/applications are requested for reinstallation, CCS requires that customers supply the installation discs and valid license (if required) for these programs/applications.

A valid Microsoft Windows license is required to re/install the operating system. If you are unsure where to find your computer's license Click here for help.  If you do not have a valid Microsoft Windows license, a copy of Microsoft Windows can be purchased from CCS directly.

Price: $99.99

* Some files, such as many music files bought and downloaded online, contain a technology known as DRM or Digital Rights Management. This technology is used to enforce certain restrictions such as the ability to copy, move to another device, burn to disc, or even read without having certain players and licenses. Because of this, it is not guaranteed that all media files will be readable/playable after they have been backed up and replaced after an operating system (re)installation.

New Installation of Windows Operating System

  CCS technicians will clean the hard drive and install a full copy (non-upgrade version) of your Microsoft Windows version of choice.

Supported operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

Price: $89.99 + The cost of Microsoft Windows.